Pediatric Dentistry

by Dr. Mitali Shah

Posted on : Sep 30, 2021


Pediatric Dentistry is the branch of dentistry that specializes in taking care of oral health in infants through childhood and adolescence. The primary dentition also known as baby teeth or milk teeth are the first set of teeth to erupt into the oral cavity and play a vital role in the growth and development of an individual.

Early care of all gum and teeth-related diseases to maintain the primary teeth in good condition until they are shed off and their permanent successor teeth erupt in place is of prime importance.

The primary teeth play several roles in a child's development from infant to adulthood. By maintaining the optimal space in the mouth needed to form permanent dentition, helping children cut, chew, and break down food boluses into smaller pieces to promote better digestion of food and absorption of essential nutrients. Therefore every individual's overall growth and development is assisted by the management of a good set of primary dentitions.

The treatment procedures performed on primary dentition are often similar to those on permanent teeth and includes a wide range of restorative, aesthetic and preventive management methodologies.

Our team of pediatric dental specialists stretches services starting with a careful clinical and a radiographic check-up if needed to assess the growth pattern and malformations in the primary dentition of all children. They also offer preventive treatments including dietary and oral hygiene counseling, fluoride applications to avoid decay to the recovery of extensively decayed teeth - root canal treatment and crown placements.

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Other therapies are offered including scaling, minor orthodontic corrections, space maintenance in areas with missing teeth, habit-breaking devices for the management of thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and other similar habits.

Children are our future, and hence we believe in starting early; educating them, avoiding potential dental problems, handling current dental problems, to ensure that every child grows and develops healthily.

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