Piles is a completely curable diseases

by Dr. Mahesh Chikkachannappa

In this era of advancement, we are galloping like anything without having time to spare. We don’t care about our lives, and healthcare has become our last priority. Naturally, we are followed by a host of diseases. One disease that people often hide from others is Piles. Albeit painful, they feel shy to disclose it. Irrespective of sex and age, Piles captures everyone. A better understanding of the disease will help us control it.

What is Piles?

Piles are collections of inflamed, swollen veins seen inside or outside the anus. It is also called haemorrhoids. The size of the piles can vary. Chronic constipation, diarrhoea, straining when passing stool etc. contributes to the development of piles. Hereditary factors also play a vital role in the occurrence of piles. Genetic predisposition to piles can make the rectal vein walls weak. When the rectum comes under pressure due to straining, it will stretch and become swollen, thus forming piles. Obese people, pregnant women, people who sit for a long time are more prone to piles. Wrong food habits, lack of exercise etc will aggravate the complexities.

How to control Piles?

Persons with piles of symptoms, need to change their food habits. Reducing the intake of fried food items, drinking plenty of water and fluids, eating fruits & vegetables, adding fibrous food to the diet, and exercising will help to control the intensity of piles.

Treatment modalities

Today, we have a number of treatment procedures for piles. But surgery is the most effective solution for chronic piles. Open surgery is a standard surgical procedure followed by surgeons. But with the advancement of medical science, Laser has been in prevalence for the effective control of piles. A laser is a minimally invasive procedure which offers a plethora of benefits over the conventional surgeries.

Why Laser?

Laser surgery is more effective in the management of piles. Unlike open surgeries, in Laser, no tissues need to be cut. So it is painless, and there is no blood loss. The procedure is done precisely in the affected area with laser energy in a precise and focused manner. The surgery can be completed within a short time. As it is a minimally invasive surgery, the patient can bounce back to a healthy life within a few days.

Advantages of Laser

  • Better result compared to conventional surgery

  • Very short surgery time

  • No cuts so no severe blood loss

  • No prolonged hospital stay

  • Less side effects

  • Less postoperative care

  • Affordable cost

If you develop any symptoms of piles, consult your doctor, who may further advise you to approach an expert surgeon, based on the intensity of the disease. For a painless, cost-saving and result oriented surgery, it is always better to rely on the minimally invasive Laser.

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