Top Diet Foods To Improve Your Immunity Level Other Than Vitamin C Sources

by Ms. Edwina Raj

Diet is one of the factors that will affect your immune system. Several foods, of course, will help improve immunity other than Vitamin C sources. Vitamin C is usually found in citrus fruits, it is popularly called as an immune-boosting vitamin. Understanding food sources other than vitamin C can enhance immunity.

A strong immune system can lower the risk of multiple illnesses. A healthy lifestyle that focuses on healthy eating, exercise, quality sleep and de-stress play an important role when it comes to a strong immune system. Your diet can affect your immunity.

Various foods can help improve immunity naturally. Vitamin C is commonly known as the immunity-boosting vitamin which is present in citrus fruits. Different supporting nutrients can help improve immunity are zinc, selenium, iron, copper, folic acid, vitamins A, D, B6, B12 and E. Along with these include additional foods rich in antioxidants, protein, probiotics, colostrum, healthy fats and functional foods etc will also help in boosting your immunity.

Foods to improve immunity other than Vitamin C are:

  • To get vitamin E, healthy fats like omega 3, and trace minerals, a handful of nuts has to be included daily as they provide a variety of nutrients.

  • It is good to eat foods such as ginger, garlic, tulsi, turmeric, pepper, jeera, moringa leaves, honey, tomato with chutneys or different recipes.

  • Two tablespoons of oil seeds like sunflower seeds, flax seeds, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds or kalonji can also be a part of your diet.

  • A part of your regular consumption should be sweet potato, pumpkin, carrots, papaya, apricot, mango, papaya containing carotenoids.

  • Include fish or seafood twice a week as it contains essential fats and other important nutrients too.

  • Eat dark green and leafy vegetables at least 3-4 days a week, which are locally available. Green leafy vegetables should be a necessary part of your diet.

  • Protein-rich foods, such as legumes, mushroom, poultry, egg, soybean, also play an important role in the immunity level.

  • Use a moderate amount of spices such as cinnamon, star anise, clove, dry ginger and coriander seeds should be used in your daily cooking.

  • Eat a variety of seasonal fruits as it is a must to be included for a healthy diet.

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