What is a Bone marrow transplant?

Posted on : Mar 27, 2021


Get to know all about Bone marrow transplant & its role in immunodeficiency from Dr Stalin Ramprakash - Paediatric Haematologist in Bangalore at Aster CMI Hospital.

Dr Stalin, Consultant Paediatric Haematology, Oncology & BMT, Dr C P Raghuram, Paediatric Haematology, Oncology & BMT & Dr Sagar, Consultant Paediatric Immunology & Rheumatology at Aster CMI Hospital is sharing insightful information related to Bone marrow transplant and its role in immunodeficiency.

A bone marrow transplant is also known as stem cell transplant, a treatment which is used to replace an unhealthy marrow with a healthy one. It is used to treat diseases such as blood cancers like leukaemia or lymphoma, bone marrow diseases such as aplastic anaemia and other immune systems or genetic disease like sickle cell disease.

Drugs to treat cancers have progressed phenomenally from blanket effects of chemotherapy to targeting cancer cells only. With the development of targeted therapy and Immunotherapy based on molecular profiling, the treatments options are much safer and effective. The day may not be far off when cancer treatment may become similar to that of diabetes or hypertension. With an advanced Bone marrow transplant unit, Aster CMI Hospital, the best oncology hospital in Bangalore, gives hope and a chance of cure to a variety of cancers, especially blood cancers.
- Allogenic Bone Marrow / Stem Cell Transplant
- Unrelated Donor Transplant
- Haplo Identical Stem Cell Transplant
- Cord Blood Transplant
- Autologous Stem Cell Transplant.