Why You Should Keep The Mask On At The Movies?

by Dr. Aravinda S N

Physicians are worried about the opening of cinemas or theaters for business, considering the safety precautions placed in place by theatres and multiplex owners. People should wear N95 masks or cotton masks without the valve. If they wear masks with valves then there is a chance of spreading the virus to others. The majority of people who go to theatres are young and they are more likely to be asymptomatic carriers. 


Security officials must ensure the following things:

  • Masks should cover the mouth and nose and should not slip down the nose.

  • Make sure everyone is wearing a mask while watching a movie in the theatre. 

  • Check after a certain time that everyone is wearing a mask and have not removed it. 

  • Don’t let anyone remove their mask even in the washroom.

And if this protocol is violated by a few people, the air will be filled with viruses and everyone will be at risk of being infected.


Emotional moments

Since the coronavirus is spread by aerosolized droplets that come out while breathing, laughing, crying, etc., physicians recommend that "It would be dangerous to be in a room for two to three hours with several people who may be pre-symptomatic carriers as the air may not circulate effectively.


Use digital payments

People must make use of digital payments when buying tickets to minimize the dangers of contracting infections.


At every touchpoint, people should frequently sanitize their hands with a sanitizer. They can also avoid refreshments in the cinema halls as it allows the mask to be temporarily removed, which can be a vulnerable point for covid-19 transmission.


It is recommended to bring a personal sanitizer while visiting the theatres. Besides, as a personal duty, at any point of time during the screening, one should not remove their masks and should maintain a minimum distance of 6 feet when watching a movie.


And if you have mild symptoms, like cough, cold, fever, then avoid going to the movie theatre. Avoid crowd in the lobby and lift areas. Contact movie theatres before visiting to check whether they obey the recommended covid protocols or not. Make sure you have the Arogya Setu app in your mobile phone. If you experience any of COVID symptoms, visit the nearby Best Covid Treating Hospital In Bangalore.


Mask and outfit

A good quality triple layer mask is not just safe, but it will also allow people to breathe easily over a long time.


Wear different clothes when you step outside of the home and take a shower when you get home and change the clothes. Put your outdoor clothes in the washing machine or wash them with detergent.


Rules for audiences

  • Get your sanitizer to sanitize frequently.

  • Avoid the crowd at the entrance.

  • Do not go out of the movie hall during intermission.

  • Ensure you buy packed and sealed food & drink.

  • Use digital payments, buy tickets online.

  • Download and update your details in the Arogya Setu app.

  • Do not go to the cinema if you have a cough, cold, and fever.

  • Avoid the risk of microbial transfer by taking minimum things.


Rules for theatre owners

  • Masks with valves should not be allowed in theaters.

  • Hire staff to see if masks are in place.

  • Foodservice should not be allowed inside.

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