7 Fertility Myths Couples Need to Stop Believing

Fertility Myths
Posted on : Sep 05, 2014


Myth - He’s already a father, he does not have fertility problems

Reality - The male fertility is finite. The concentration of mobile and healthy semen decreases as a man ages. The volume of semen also decreases.

Myth - Being on birth control pill for too long delays pregnancy

Reality - Reports show that there is no truth to this myth. The female ovulation cycle returns to normal when intake of birth control pills is stopped.

Myth - Missionary is the best position for conception

Reality - There is no scientific evidence regarding a particular position being better to get pregnant. The sperms are chemically motivated to reach the female egg.

Myth - Smoking does not affect fertility

Reality - Believe it or not, smoking even a couple cigarettes a day can lower fertility rates in both men and women.

Myth - Having sex everyday decreases a man’s sperm count

Reality - If a man has a normal sperm count, sperm concentration does not decrease because of daily sex.

Myth - Coffee does not affect fertility

Reality - It has been proven that caffeine decreases fertility, so you will need to limit the intake.

Myth - Supplements before pregnancy are only for women

Reality - Everybody knows that folic acid is important for women who are trying to conceive as it helps prevent birth defects in the foetus. But what many do not know is that folic acid is a very crucial element in male fertility too.