Are demands of modern life making women unhealthier?

Posted on : Sep 22, 2014


Here’s all what you should avoid.


Erratic food habits

It’s observed that when it comes to eating habits, the pattern in women are at times extreme. While some are strict diet watchers who are scared to eat even what’s necessary for them, some find relief from all the stress in eating – and that too everything unhealthy. Only a very few women follow a diet pattern that’s healthy and does not harm the body. The harmful effects of bad eating habits are countless. Right from unhealthy blood and bones to obesity to depression, it can wreck the body balance unimaginably. If you think you need to better your food habits, consult a dietician immediately.


Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep throws the entire body cycle off balance. Not only will it make one tired, drained and groggy, it will also alter the food habits and cause unhealthy cravings. Sleeplessness will induce stress as a tired mind cannot concentrate and in turn affect work. And yes, it also makes one’s skin look dull, lifeless and causes dark circles as well. If you are a poor sleeper, make sure you stop the habit immediately and catch up on some much-deserved sleep, every day. Remember, sleep is important for your body, mind and beauty.


Stress and strain

To manage home and work together isn’t easy. Studies say that homemakers undergo as much strain as workingwomen. Stress is something that can have adverse effect on one’s physical and mental wellbeing, as it increases the blood pressure and heart rate, causes hormonal fluctuations, becomes the reason for eating disorders and even clinical depression. If you are a person who is weighed down by stress, make sure you get rid of it and incase you find it impossible to manage, don’t hesitate to get medical help. So make sure you unwind. And be good to yourself.


Ignoring intimate hygiene

Maintaining intimate hygiene is extremely crucial. Women need to take care of their personal health to protect themselves a spectrum of infections, rashes and even cervical cancer. One should take care when it comes to things like using clean innerwear, changing sanitary napkins every 4-5 hours during mensuration and even while using public restrooms. Remember, hygiene means health.


Using emergency contraceptives

Unfortunately, many women do not know the right and safe way to prevent pregnancy. One should realise that taking an emergency contraceptive pill is safe only to an extent and doing it frequently can cause severe hormonal imbalance and in turn affect the ovulation/ menstrual cycle drastically. Remember, the best way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is to use condoms. And if you prefer a different method, head to the Gynaecologist right away.


Lack of exercise

Exercise is something one should never ignore; especially taking into consideration the kind of food we eat today – high carb, high sugar junk food. Lack of exercise can lead to obesity, unhealthy heart, weaker bones and low metabolism. Only a dedicated exercise regime – be it even a brisk walk or jogging – can improve metabolism and blood flow in the body, burn fat, keep the heart and body muscles healthy and enhance overall health. Remember, if you want to stay young, you should also be fit – and for that you need to burn calories - the right away. Go ahead! Walk, run or hit the gym. Otherwise your body can fail you. Anytime.

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