Celebrate a healthy and safe Diwali!

Posted on : Oct 22, 2014


Here are a few tips to celebrate a safe and healthy Diwali


Say no to too many sweets

One should always keep a check the sugar, fat and starch intake, especially diabetics. Though Diwali is the time when a huge variety of sweets are made and bought, make sure you stick to your favourites, in limited quantities.


Keep yourself hydrated

Make sure you drink lots of water. When properly hydrated, your body will feel more energetic and lively.


Opt for food with natural sweeteners

When making/ buying sweets, opt for those made with natural sweeteners like jaggery, dates, sweet dry fruits etc. instead of those made with white sugar.


Cook healthy

Choose healthier cooking styles like grilling, baking and pan-frying instead of deep-frying. Substitute high calorie ingredients like butter and ghee with healthier oils or use them in minimal quantities. Keep a check on the amount of sugar you use and opt for desserts made with fat-free milk/ yoghurt.


Eat small portions

It’s difficult to keep away from binging on traditional delicacies and sweets, especially at family feasts. So, never deprive yourself the pleasure of good food. You can indulge, but in small quantities. Eating less will also make you feel lighter and healthier.


Be careful with the firecrackers

When lighting firecrackers, ensure that all safety precautions are taken. Make everyone, especially children, are at a safe distance to avoid burns and accidents. Keep a bucket of water ready, to douse fire if needed. Also be very careful while lighting flying crackers. They can be extremely dangerous and cause severe burns/ eye damage.


Wear earplugs

One should wear earplugs if the sound of crackers is too high. It is not advisable for infants, toddlers, heart patients and pregnant women to be in places where high-decibel crackers are bursting.

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