Cosmetic Surgeries After Weight loss

Posted on : Sep 18, 2019


To look in good shape can altogether help individuals not only to keep them in good shape but also to boost self-confidence, that helps them do better in there day to day activities like wearing fit clothes and do exercise with ease.

Cosmetic surgery is a subspecialty of plastic surgery that can redefine the appearance of individual. Skin removal surgery following weight loss should be done ideally by qualified plastic surgeon with experience in body contouring procedures. To ensure safety and better outcome should choose surgeons with good experience in body contouring procedures following weight loss

The individuals undergoing such procedures should ideally have reached individual goal weight and should be stable for at least 6 months. Significant weight fluctuations after such surgeries can impact negatively the results. The individual should keep good health without certain risky medical conditions for having safe surgery. Should adopt healthy life style, food habits and should quit smoking.

Procedures involved in skin removal surgery:

Tummy- tuck /abdominoplasty : A tummy tuck help flatten the abdomen when diet, exercise and weight loss have not done enough. The excess skin over the lower abdomen hanging over the pubic area appears as an apron that gives odd appearance especially in individuals wearing pants and short tops. This can be addressed to give a smooth firmer appearance of abdomen by surgically removing this excess loose hanging skin. Also, the weak abdominal muscles are tightened along if required. Liposuction is done along this procedure to give smooth firm skin over anterior abdomen. This procedure is often associated with repositioning the belly button to suit new shape.

Breast lift/ Mastopexy : Among women post pregnancy, following weight loss and after certain age the breast usually loose its rounded firm appearance to appear flat and sagging. The breast can regain its round and projected appearance by breast lift procedure by removing excess skin and tissue, redistributing the breast tissue and repositioning the nipple higher on chest. Scars are planned in such a manner that it remains hidden. Sometimes this procedure is associated with augmentation using breast implants as per individuals demand.

Arm lift : After losing weight excess skin is found loose over the arm especially over back portion. This can be concerning by giving bulged hanging appearance while wearing short sleeves or sleeveless tops. Surgically removing this excess skin over the arm and from axilla by judiciously placing the scar gives good aesthetic appearance to regain the confidence to wear comfort fit.

Thigh lift : Similar to arm the excess skin and tissue from the thigh can be removed by placing the final scar over medial aspect that is well hidden

Buttock lift/ augmentation : After weight loss its noticed that the buttock will appear flatter with some sagging. Buttock lift or augmentation by fat transfer from other part of body can help give smooth, firm and rounded appearance.

Face lift and neck lift are also procedures that is done for rejuvenated appearance following weight loss that causes skin over face and neck appear wrinkled and loose. These procedures include removing of the loose skin and sometimes associated with tightening of the underlying muscles. Fat transfer to face also helps to regain the youthful appearance of the face. The scars following these procedures are planned in such a manner that it gets camouflaged.

The above-mentioned procedures are sometimes associated to have complications like bruising of skin, prominent scar, swelling due to collection of fluids under skin, tissue death and delayed healing. These complications are more common in individuals having certain conditions like uncontrolled blood sugar level, obesity, smoking.

Although these procedures are done to regain body contour and appearance in its perfection but sometimes may need small touch up revision surgeries to make the results better. Individuals with good appearance will have good outlook and can contribute to self, family and society the best.

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