Digital Heart Failure Management

Digital heart failure Management
Posted on : Dec 24, 2022


What is Digital heart failure Management? 

Aster Medcity in collaboration with Numen Health Provide Digital follow up Management for heart failure patients. The Management provides mobile application based follow up of patients with congestive heart failure. A wearable smart watch will monitor patients’ vitals activity levels and symptoms and will provide health education regarding heart failure care, physical activity tracking and medications reminders. When warning signs are detected, the information will be passed to hospital heart failure care team which will take necessary steps to changes treatment plan, optimization of medications and other type of treatment as required for improving patient outcome. 

Why and when?

Heart failure is significant cause of morbidity, mortality and hospitalization and in our population. But adherence to treatment is poor which is associated with worst outcome. Improving medication adherence, behavior changes and symptom recognition of worsening heart failure and early interventions are associated with improved outcome and better quality of life. Self-care and patient engagement are important elements of heart failure care. The use of Digital health technology has the potential to improve patient compliance and patient relationship. This patient centered personalized care will empower the patient to take more active role in their care. This will improve patient quality of life, reduce hospitalization and improve the overall outcome. 

How can you prepare? 

We will provide the patient with a smart watch at the time of discharge and a heart failure application will be downloaded to their smart phones. This wearable and application will monitor the patient’s vitals, activity levels and send reminders to take medications. This will also provide health education materials regarding heart failure self-care, diet advice by dietitian, and physical activity monitoring by physiotherapist. When warning signs are detected, the information will be passed on to hospital heart failure team which will make necessary steps to void hospitalization and adverse events. 

What is the role of digital technology in care of cardiac patients? 

Mobile health technology is a promising tool in modern medical science to provide timely patient engagement, monitoring, outreach, and health care delivery. Aster Medcity has taken initiative to involve digital technology applications to improve patient care by establishing a digital health care Management with technical support from Numen Health, a digital platform for virtual rehabilitation. The technology will be tailored to the care of heart failure patients which help in continued monitoring of health failure patients even at their home. 

Any risk associated with this? 

No, this is not associated with any risk, in fact expected to improve patient outcome as patients are being monitored in between their hospital visit and early signs of deterioration are recognized early, and actions are taken to prevent deterioration. Patients medications can be titrated faster, and compliance to medications are better as patient receive drug reminder notifications. The treatment will be more personalized and can get regular feed back about how they feel and the quality of life. 

Why choose Aster for treatment? 

Aster is quaternary care hospital which brings innovative interventions and advanced care models. Digital health failure Management is such an innovative new venture which will provide timely patient engagement, monitoring, outreach and health care delivery. If this new care model work out it will be extended to other services with necessary modifications. 

What is heart failure self care ? 

According to European society of cardiology guidelines, patients with heart failure should be empowered with self care like taking medications, following healthy diet and exercise, taking vaccines, health care allointments and actions needed in response to deterioration of symptoms and signs. Digital heart failure clinic is the right way to achieve all these goals of treatment. This also help to achieve rapid titration of medicines and close follow up which has shown to improve the outcomes.