Posted on : Oct 02, 2019


An individual generally feels very embarrassed due to enlarged breast because of appearance, inability to wear fit clothes and sometimes due to the pain. Individual can sometimes even experience loss of self-esteem and self-confidence.

Certain medications ( drugs like anabolic steroids), substance abuse (like alcohol, marijuana ) and in certain health conditions (tumors, liver failure, kidney failure, hypogonadism etc.) can cause gynecomastia, hence needs medical consultation for proper evaluation to rule out any underlying cause that can otherwise be corrected with medical treatment. Some preventive measures can lessen the risk of gynecomastia, such as by avoiding the use of excess alcohol, consumption of illegal drugs like marijuana, heroine etc. Also, certain drug given as medications that causes gynecomastia can be replaced to revert back the condition.

The enlargement of breast in men is formed due to excess fat around the breast, excess glandular tissue development or due to excess skin on breast area. It can present involving one breast or both the breast.

Under certain circumstances despite various measures taken the gynecomastia may not settle and hence it needs to be corrected surgically.

If the enlargement is predominantly due to fat then liposuction can be done to remove excess fat and thereby reducing size of the swelling. Whereas if fibro-glandular component in excess then subcutaneous mastectomy helps in removing those tissue to correct the deformity, and sometimes require combined procedure for the correction. Very much enlarged breast may present with excess skin that become redundant after removal of fatty/ fibro glandular tissues and in those scenarios, removal of excess skin might also be needed for better aesthetic outcome.

Gynecomastia surgery is generally done under general anesthesia or local infiltration anesthesia for being comfortable during and after the procedure.

Post procedure dressings are applied over the incision sites for healing and specialised graded pressure garment to minimise swelling and to support the contour of chest. During recovery period special instructions would be advised regarding oral medications and ointments / crease to apply. Also, should be advised to avoid strenuous activities for at least 4-6 weeks.

The change in appearance after surgical procedures for gynecomastia boosts the individual’s confidence and gives positive outlook for his day-to-day activities.

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