How to avoid feeling sleepy in the afternoon.

Posted on : Oct 17, 2014


Don’t skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It energises your body and keeps you going, for the rest rest of the day. Avoiding breakfast will make you sluggish and weak.

Avoid work during lunch

Make sure that you don’t work during lunch time. After working continuously for a couple of hours, take a short break and give your brain and body the much needed rest.

Have a light and healthy lunch

A heavy lunch will want make you want to sleep, especially if it is high on carbs and oil. So make sure you eat a light, fibre rich lunch. You should also keep your body well hydrated.

Get a good night’s sleep

Adequate sleep is necessary for the body as well as your mind. Lack of sleep can make you lethargic.

Have green tea

Green tea is full of anti-oxidants that spruces you up from within. A zero calorie drink, it also helps you detoxify your body.

Take a brisk walk

A brisk walk will charge up your body and make you feel more energetic.

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