Keep Your Home Germ-Free

germ free
Posted on : Nov 25, 2014


Here are the maximum-risk areas you should give special attention to


The Kitchen

Sponges/Dish Towels

Wash the sponge and cloth towels with soap & hot water. Keep the sponge dipped in hot water/ microwave for 30 seconds to sanitise it.

Cutting Board

Avoid cutting meat on the same chopping board as fruits and vegetables. It will eliminate cross-contamination and the possible spread of bacteria. If the board has lots of knife indents on it, clean the board regularly, as these dents are potential breeding grounds for bacteria.


In addition to cleaning the counter-tops daily with soap and water, clean it once a week with kitchen counter cleaners, preferably with Chlorine content.


To get rid of fungi, dead skin and dust mites, cover your mattresses with zippered plastic mattress covers. Do the same for your pillows. Wash all bedding/ bed linen in hot water once a week and vacuum the uncovered mattresses regularly.


After showering or bathing, wipe the tub or shower walls with a towel. Wash the shower curtains regularly. Also, make sure you dispose all solid wastes including tissue paper, cotton balls, ear buds, sanitary napkins, diapers etc, every day.

The other germ-packed areas


A good wipe with an antibacterial cleaner will help keep harmful micro-organisms at bay.


Use low-VOC paints, milk paints, or whitewashes to reduce exposure to toxic vapours.


Vacuum your carpets or rugs frequently to remove allergy-related issues due to dust and pet dander. You can also use house plants to filter air.

Simple and practical, these steps can help keep your house cleaner and you, healthier. Try it.