Keyhole Neurosurgery-All You Need to Know

by Dr. Shyam Sundar S

Minimally invasive keyhole surgery is a surgical technique that lets doctors access tumors and lesions near the brain or spine by using an endoscope inserted through one or more small incisions. The advantages of this operation include better cosmetic results, quick rehabilitation; minimal brain exposure and iatrogenic traumatization, which decrease the risk of postoperative complications such as Epilepsy, Infection, Haemorrhage, etc. Direct approach shortens the duration of open and closure procedures and helps the surgeon to focus their attention on manipulation of intracranial lesions; less worry about operation, more confidence in healing, early physical recovery, short hospital stay and less nursing burden.

Listen to the expert Dr. Shyam Sundar S, Senior Consultant & Program Director – Neurosurgery speaks about the Minimally invasive keyhole surgery.