Prostate Cancer: Ten Facts You Should Know

Prostate Cancer
Posted on : Apr 04, 2017


  • The prostate gland is situated deep inside the body; people often mistake it for the testis.
  • Not all diseases of the prostate are malignant or cancerous, but prostate cancer can at times be life threatening. So it’s good to be careful.
  • Prostate cancer can be detected early with PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen Blood Test). PSA is done in for men above 50 years.
  • Prostate cancer is at times linked to family history. If two or more first degree relatives (father or brother) of a person have suffered from prostate cancer, he falls in the high-risk category
  • Consumption of red meat, low levels of vitamin D, sexually transmitted diseases, obesity and higher levels of testosterone may increase the incidence of prostate cancer
  • Unfortunately, prostate cancer symptoms show only very late. For early detection, one needs to undergo the PSA test.
  • Though prostate cancer can be detected through an MRI scan, only a biopsy can verify the diagnosis.
  • The usual treatment for prostate cancer includes surgery, radiation and hormone therapy.
  • Most cases of prostate cancer are not given chemotherapy. Unlike other cancers, chemotherapy is opted for only in advanced cases or when the cancer has spread to other parts of the body.
  • Prostate cancer can be prevented with good diet, life and weight control. Eat more of green leafy vegetables, nuts, soya based products and fish like salmon, tuna and sardine.