Psychological problems faced by men of different ages and ways to deal with them

by Dr. Namitha M Das

Posted on : Jul 13, 2021


The Covid-19 pandemic has affected people over the entire globe and taken a psychological toll on people of all ages.

Young adults are finding it particularly difficult as they are stuck with their planned career paths and job prospects. The paramount uncertainty has made our young adults feel frustrated, helpless and vulnerable. Additionally, the social restrictions and social distancing measures have affected their socializing pattern, which is leading to boredom and aimlessness.

Middle aged men fight their social, financial and job insecurities that ultimately lead to anxiety, apprehension and at times pessimism. Nowadays, as they can’t socialize, the venting platform or opportunity to share their thoughts with friends or like-minded individuals has become limited, which is make them lose their regulation of emotions. Hence negative emotions might get vented out to their families, making their home atmosphere a negative and hostile one.

Elderly men are mostly frightened due to fear of death. Many of them refer to themselves as “time bombs” due to vulnerability to Covid-19. Those with multiple comorbidities are living with immense anxiety and staying locked up for more than a month hence. Those who do not stay with their children feel more helpless and vulnerable due to the thought that if they fall sick their sons or daughters may not be able to reach them to take care of them.

The following ideas can help to get over psychological distress:

  • Try to live each day rather than planning big for the future
  • Try limiting the exposure to Corona news in a day
  • Try not to talk to people who make you constantly feel anxious with their Covid-19 predictions and statement.
  • Infection related statistics and death rates are not in our voluntary control- Dont get anxious over things which are not under our voluntary control
  • Show resilience.
  • Acknowledge that its a difficult phase and shall pass anyways
  • Keep your daily routine; have balanced nutritious diet and exercise.
  • Don’t get frantic to live your pre- CORONA life as soon as possible. It might take a while for the normalcy as we have known to return.
  • Try to find peace within today.
  • Sit back and try to accommodate the idea that losing our control will have negative effect on our mental peace.
  • Try to stay connected to your near and dear ones.
  • Try to speak optimistically.
  • Be a role model to your children by managing things with perseverance. They look upto you in these difficult times. Be the models who could be emulated in managing hardships wisely.
  • Seek psychiatry & counselling services for best methods get over psychological distress

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