Scarring & Scar Management After Abdominoplasty

by Dr. Manoj Sanap

Tips For Minimizing Visibility Of Scars

One of the most popular aesthetic operations is abdominoplasty. Primary goal of this procedure is to achieve an optimal resection of abdominal skin and fat (for cosmesis) with restoration of weak muscle & sheath (for functionality). But this procedure generates long abdominal scar.

It takes a year for the appearance of scar to mature & get full strength.

Factors Affect Scar Formation.

Patient related factors like thick and oily skin lead to longer healing time & more scarring. In general African & Asian patients are more likely to have hypertrophic scar & keloid formation. To ensure best possible scar outcome, preoperative incision planning, wound tension during closure & postsurgical management is very important.

Postoperative management includes regular sterile moist dressing till suture removal. After suture removal patient is advised to use silicone based products like gel & sheet for local application.

Pressure garments are given to provide compression over scar. Patients are advised to avoid direct sun exposure to reduce hyperpigmentation of scar.
Steroid injection in the scar (intralesional steroid, ILS) can be used to manage or prevent hypertrophic scars or keloids. Laser treatment for scars have shown reasonable success.

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