Surgical Treatment Options Of Cosmetic Gynecology

by Dr. Zareena A Khalid

Cosmetic gynecology, also known as vaginal rejuvenation or female genital plastic surgery, encompasses various surgical procedures designed to enhance the aesthetic appearance and function of the female genital area. These procedures are typically elective and are performed for personal, cosmetic, or functional reasons.

What are the surgical methods in cosmetic gynecology?

The most common surgical method are as follow

  1. Hymenoplasty - It means performing the hymen in women, who want to do it before they get married. It is a very simple procedure and done in daycare without the need for admission.
  2. Vaginoplasty - Tightening the vagina with a simple surgical technique.
  3. Perineoplasty - Tightening the perineum which has become loose following repeated deliveries.
  4. Stress Incontinence - Surgical methods to fix issues like urine leaks following coughing, laughing, sneezing, etc. 

There are several more surgical methods in cosmetic gynecology such as labiaplasty, etc which are performed at Aster Medcity department of Women Health. To know more about Aster's Cosmetic Gyneacology Clinic or to consult with a Gynaecologist in Kochi call: 0484 6699 999