Tips to stay healthy during winters

Posted on : Nov 17, 2014


Here are a few tips to beat the winter blues.


1. The goodness of Yogurt

Yogurt enriches the body, by reducing the risk of high blood pressure. It also prevents osteoporosis and aids in gastrointestinal conditions like inflammatory bowel disease and constipation. When you choose to buy low-fat, always check if the yogurt contains active cultures and vitamin D.

2. Do away with Holiday Heartburn

We tend to eat more when the climate is colder. Enjoy the goodies in moderation and avoid second and third helpings. The sinful foods that cause heartburn include eatables that are excessively sugar coated with sweetness and loaded with fat. Instead, go for vegetables, salads, fruits and whole wheat breads. Light exercise is a great way to prevent

3. Say goodbye to Cold Sores

To avoid cold sores maintain a healthy diet, get plenty of rest, do not share food or drink containers and discard old tissues.

4. Rejuvenate With Meditation

Eliminate negative thoughts, focus on your breathing, and repeat a single word or phrase, these techniques in meditation automatically gear up your body’s natural response.

5. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise

Do not forget to warm up with some good old exercising. It will also help you stay fit.

6. Winter Skin Care Tips
  • An inexpensive way to keep chapped lips away is apply Petroleum jelly, mineral oil, and the most absurd remedy- hair conditioner. Hair conditioners can help you seal in the moisture as you step out from the shower. A lip balm with spf 15 can work wonders. Lastly, do not keep licking your lips too often as it makes them to dry fast.
  • Even though there might not be much sun, apply a sun lotion with at least 15 SPF as overexposure to the sun can lead to skin damage, wrinkles, blotchiness, moles, sagging, looseness, spots and increased photosensitivity as you get older.
  • You can absorb Vitamin D (without pills or sunlight). The big secret to hoard vitamin D levels is to make healthy lifestyle changes. For example, if you lose just 10 percent or more of your body weight, your vitamin D blood levels will instantly rise up.

Winters can be a cold, dark and lazy. But do not cozy up at home in your comforters. Take a friend along and sign up for a yoga class or outdoor sports or a sewing or cooking class. Keep yourself busy and entertained, enjoy the outdoors in the cold & breezy winter days and dark & quiet winter nights.

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