What is limb reconstruction ?

Limb reconstruction
Posted on : May 25, 2020


Also normal short height always has been a draw back for many people. Although not routinely recommended there is a place for judicious height increase in normal people by lengthening the leg bone. In select patients up to 4 inches height can be obtained.

Till a few years ago there was no satisfactory answer to these problems. These problems were treated by conventional methods which produced less than satisfactory results. Advances in bone and soft tissue regeneration has enabled us to treat many of these problems well

All these problems are corrected by the aid of a remarkable property of bone and soft tissues to grow by a mechanism called distraction histogenesis, The bone is gently cut and gradually separated by means of an externally applied force with the aid of an apparatus called Ilizarov ring fixator. As the bone gap increases new bone is formed in the gap thus enabling lengthening of the limb. In addition to new bone forming the muscles , blood vessels and nerves lengthen by cell multiplication. The same method can be used to correct soft tissue deformities like recurred clubfoot and other limb deformities