Working Women’s mental health in a ‘new normal’ of COVID era

by Dr. T R John

Posted on : Jul 13, 2021


It is essential for one to take good care of their mental wellbeing especially during this ‘new normal’ that is based on a lot of changes and ambiguities.

Build a routine

When you organise your tasks and outline your goals, you mentally prepare yourself for what to expect during the day. Then it becomes easier to work towards achieving the goals you set out, rather than vaguely meandering towards them.

Dedicate a room to be your home office

A wide desk, an ergonomic chair, and a little silence will increase your productivity and help you feel that you are working in a professional environment.

Get on the move

Add a thirty-minute physical workout routine to your day. Try going out for a walk or a bike ride. You can also opt for yoga or meditation. It’s all about doing away with the tension or stress built up over the recent period. Get that heart pumping.


Talk to your favorite people or visit them as the unlock phase brings in some travel ease. Discuss the issues you have faced or are facing, this will bring some relief. Visiting or even talking to your favorite people brings happiness. Create a circle of support whom you can call or immediately reach out to during your vulnerable moments.

Set realistic goals and expectations

Do not stretch your tasks too much that you end up reaching nowhere at the end of the day.

Acknowledge and praise yourself

Try to feel good about all that you have accomplished in a day rather than brooding over incomplete tasks.

Sit back and take a breath and give yourself some ‘Me Time’

Try to embrace the idea that nobody is indispensable and nothing is going to happen even if you slow down the pace when you are stressed out. Take a step back and try to relax for some time during the day before getting back to your activities.

Saying “NO” is okay

One cannot take on all responsibilities and tasks. You can politely deny a request from the office, or if it is a demand at home, you can ask for it to wait till you have the time and energy to do it.

Avoid Unhealthy Triggers

If you are anticipating unhealthy and unpleasant interactions with someone, try to avoid it or postpone it if you can afford the same.

Try not to yield to substance abuse during stress

Alcohol /nicotine or any other psychoactive substance are meant for good times and not as stress busters or for dealing with other negative emotions.

Talk to a professional

After working on all options available, if you find yourself giving into anxiety and panic, it may be time to talk and discuss further strategies with a mental health expert.

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