Coronavirus vaccine: Can you have alcohol after getting a COVID-19 vaccine? Myth busted!

alcohol before and after covid vaccine
Posted on : Apr 02, 2021


As India starts 3rd phase of vaccination for a population above the age of 45 years from April 1st, 2021, a commonly asked question remains whether taking the vaccine will mean you can no longer drink? 

We will try to answer some of these popular questions below:

Should you avoid alcohol after receiving Covid 19 vaccine?

Alcohol does not interfere with the vaccine & it does not make it ineffective. However, consuming alcohol may affect your health in other ways. Hence, we suggest reducing or stopping the intake of alcohol in general.

What does the evidence say? 

  • CDC did not issue any specific advice on whether you can drink before or after your vaccine
  • Government advisory posted on Union Health Ministry's website says that there is no evidence of alcohol impairing the effectiveness of the vaccine
  • Vaccine trials done by AstraZeneca & Pfizer did not tell the volunteers to abstain from alcohol
  • No reports of vaccine inefficacy due to alcohol in the vaccinated population have been reported thus far
  • Doctors around the world largely agree that intake of alcohol doesn’t impede antibody formation

Can you take the vaccine & have a drink?

It would be right to consult personal physicians for this matter; ideally, alcohol should be taken in limited quantity & not be overdone

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