Top 5 Causes of Neck of Back Pain

Neck & Back Pain
Posted on : Feb 26, 2021


The cervical discs and the cushioned connective tissues in the neck absorb shocks between the bones. These discs extend from the skull to the upper torso. These discs along with muscles and ligaments, support the neck and the head to allow motion.

Any abnormality witnessed in the cervical disc, muscles, and ligaments can lead to inflammation or injury to cause neck pain or back stiffness.

Therefore, neck pain can be experienced occasionally or on a regular basis, based on your lifestyle.

Following are the factors that may cause neck pain or back pain.

1. Muscle strain

A stretch or tear in the muscle or in the tissue connecting a muscle to a bone cause neck pain or back pain. This type of neck pain or back pain usually arises from symptoms like muscle pain, joint pain and a limited range of motion. The muscle strain can usually be treated with medicines and physiotherapy.

2. Slipped disc

The rubbery disc between the bones of the spine, when affected by a crack or herniation leads to the problem of slipped disc. This condition is known to occur when the soft centre of a spinal disc has pushed through a crack into the tough exterior case.

The problem of the slipped disc doesn’t always need intervention however when required, the problem can be treated with medication, physiotherapy and in grave scenarios - surgery.

3. Spinal stenosis

When the spinal canal narrows down, it leads to a condition called the spinal stenosis. This condition puts pressure on the spinal cord and on the nerves inside the spine. Commonly occurring in the neck and the lower back. Treatments can be done through medications, physiotherapy and if needed, surgery.

4. Degenerative disc disease

Popularly known as the DDD, this disorder is an osteoarthritic condition of the spine which causes severe pain in the neck and the lower back. In this condition, the disc between the vertebrae is affected with loss of cushioning, herniation and fragmentation.

Medication, exercise, and physiotherapy are the commonly prescribed treatments. 

5. Musculoskeletal disorder

Popularly known as MSD, these musculoskeletal disorders and injuries are caused in the muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, cartilage, and spinal disc. These disorders usually occur due to the strenuous physical work environments of an individual.

Using heat or cold pads, physical or occupational therapy, getting enough rest, and reducing stress through relaxation and biofeedback techniques helps with the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders.

In certain cases, a splint is used to immobilize the affected joint and give it enough time to heal and rest.

Various disorders and abnormalities could lead to neck or back pain. Yes, small stress or stretching of the muscle could cause neck and back pain as well but, it is not worth skipping a consultation for.

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