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Posted on : Mar 18, 2021


Being healthy must become a part of our overall lifestyle. This can help us prevent many chronic diseases and long-term illnesses. Taking care of your health is not only important for your self-confidence but also to live a long and healthy life. One of the common conditions that you need to lookout for is “Osteoarthritis” - a very common condition of the joints among people aged above 50.

Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis that affects millions of people around the globe. The wear and tear of the cartilage that protects the joints of the bones leads to this orthopaedic condition. While the condition can affect any joint in the body, knee and hip are the most commonly affected joints.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis may be as follows:

  • Pain in hands, hips, knees, lower back or upper back

  • Severe pain in the joints

  • Stiffness, cracking, swelling or tenderness near the joint areas

  • Joint deformity or limping

Here are a few measures that can be taken to keep your knees healthy.

  1. Controlled weight

For a lot of people, abnormal weight is a crucial factor in being affected by osteoarthritis. Research suggests that, shedding around 7 to 8 kgs while overweight can cut the knee pain by 50%. Not only does it keep your knees healthy but in case you end up needing any surgery later, the risk of complications and strain on your knees will be reduced and will help with a smooth rehabilitation post the surgery.

  1. Physical activity

The good health of your knees depends on movements. Stronger muscles and healthier joints provide support and relieve pressure. Physical activity keeps the joints flexible, lubricated and replenished with nutrients which can help with healthy knees and healthier healing.

  1. Dietary Supplements

Choosing an anti-inflammatory diet will help the joints stay lubricated. Less processed foods and more natural, closer to the Earth kinds of foods will help with a safer and better knee-health. Various nutrients are known to help boost the joint health and to reduce inflammation which may also avoid the onset or progression of osteoarthritis.

  1. Vitamin C

Another crucial factor that many people tend to miss while taking care of their knees is the maintenance of Vitamin C levels in the body. The body needs Vitamin C to develop the cartilage that protects the bones in the knee joint. It also helps remove free radicals.

  1. Regular Consultation

Minute pains and basic symptoms, when left undetected lead to major orthopaedic conditions. Therefore, when in doubt, book a consultation with the experts at your nearest and the best orthopaedic hospital.

Talk to the surgeons here via online consultation or through physical consultation. Walk-in, consult, take the necessary measures and stay healthy.

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