"How to Identify an Acute Stroke?" | Dr Neeraj Balaini

by Dr Neeraj Balaini

Posted on : Jul 31, 2023


Dr. Neeraj Balaini, a Consultant in Neurology at Aster RV Hospital, sheds light on the critical topic of identifying acute stroke, emphasizing the significance of the BEFAST acronym.

During an acute stroke, time is of the essence. Dr. Balaini emphasizes that if anyone experiences sudden issues with balance or suffers from an abrupt loss of eyesight, it could be indicative of a stroke. Additionally, he highlights the importance of recognizing specific physical symptoms, such as a crooked arm, twisted face, and incomprehensible speech, which are classic signs of stroke.

Dr. Balaini stresses that in the event of an acute stroke, immediate medical attention is crucial. Acting quickly and getting to the hospital without delay can make a significant difference in the patient's outcome and recovery.