Mr. Raj Sonkar Patient Testimonial-Hyperhidrosis

by Dr. Shivaprasad Giliyar Srinivasa

In this enlightening video, Dr. Shivaprasad Gilliyar Srinivasa, a distinguished Consultant in General and GI Surgery at Aster RV Hospital, sheds light on the challenging condition of hyperhidrosis and its associated social withdrawal symptoms. Furthermore, he provides a comprehensive explanation of the innovative medical procedure known as Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS). We are thrilled to share the heartfelt gratitude expressed by Mr. Raj Sonkar, one of our hyperhidrosis patients, who recently underwent ETS Surgery at Aster RV Hospital. His touching testimonial highlights the exceptional care provided by Dr. Shivaprasad Gilliyar Srinivasa and the entire hospital staff. This insightful video showcases the expertise and compassionate care that define our commitment to improving lives