Youth Gets Relief From Excessive Sweaty Palms And Regains Confidence

Posted on : Mar 27, 2021


Mr. Tarun (name changed), a 22-year-old kickboxer and professional gym instructor, suffered from constant sweating that affected his hand, armpits, groins and feet sole. The sweating was so intense and extreme it had begun to seriously affect the personal and professional life.

It was his frustration that only the most simple interactions with people, such as shaking hands to welcome, were used to be a difficult task because of sweaty palms. He had started to shy away from conversations and was gradually introverting. Tarun agreed to consult at Aster RV Hospital only after reading a blog written by a patient who received good treatment.

Tarun suffered from a disorder called primary hyperhidrosis, a disorder which is often misunderstood and underplayed but which can have far-reaching negative effects. This disease is usually found in young people and thus appears to have a greater negative effect on the quality of life. Many of the treatments available for this condition give sweating only incomplete and temporary relief.

A Surgical Technique called Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) is actually the only treatment that provides a long-lasting solution to excessive sweating.

Dr. Aashish Shah, Lead Consultant, Minimal access and GI Surgery, Aster RV hospital, who treated Tarun said, "Primary hyperhidrosis is a disease of uncertain aetiology that affects patients in their prime of life, and in the more extreme cases the sweat actually drips off their palms and soles, severely impairing simple everyday tasks and interactions. Most patients complain that while writing and wetting their laptop / mobile keypads they smudge the paper.

"Tarun underwent an Endoscopic Thoracic Sympathectomy (ETS) at Aster RV Hospital after the necessary preoperative examinations. Dr Shah, who conducted the surgery, says, "ETS is a surgical procedure with limited access in which the neural pathway that regulates the palm and armpit sweat glands is disrupted. The treatment offers immediate and long-term relief from excessive sweating.

Tarun awoke to dry palms from anaesthesia, a new faith discovered and is now looking forward to living life to its fullest.

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