Health benefits of Curry Leaves

health benefits of curry leaves
Posted on : Nov 16, 2022


Most Indian households use curry leaves in their day-to-day cooking. It adds aromatic flavors to meals. But the minute we sit down to eat the meal, we pick and corner them aside.

The commonly grown aromatic curry leaves also called "Kadi patta" are used extensively for culinary purposes. These leaves not only add aromatic flavor to the food but also enhance the health benefits of the meal.

These strongly flavored curry leaves are a powerhouse of nutrients like protein, fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, multivitamins, and flavonoids. Curry leaves have been used in traditional medicine for the treatment and prevention of various health conditions.

Its nutritional value benefits both the young and the old alike.

Anti- Osteoporotic property

Women who suffer from calcium deficiency, osteoporosis etc can find an ideal natural calcium supplement in curry leaves. Fresh juice of curry leaves, with lime juice and sugar, is an effective medicine in the treatment of morning sickness, nausea, vomiting due to indigestion.

The curry leaves, ground to a fine paste and mixed with buttermilk, can also be taken on an empty stomach with beneficial results in case of stomach upsets. It is also used as a laxative.

Anti-diabetic property

Curry leaves are rich in many minerals and trace minerals such as Iron, zinc and copper. Therefore, researchers recommended that people with diabetes may benefit from the addition of curry leaves in the diet. The minerals found in curry leaf extract are important for maintaining normoglycemia. This is done by the activation of pancreatic beta cells, which are responsible for the production of insulin. Therefore, the researchers suggested that curry leaves may be useful for the management of diabetes.

Anti Anaemic property

Curry leaves having a high concentration of iron is extremely effective in increasing the hemoglobin and red blood cell count of the blood. It acts as a natural blood purifier, improves symptoms of tiredness and fatigue, and reduces the chances of getting infections.

Anti-lipid peroxidative activity

The presence of carbazole alkaloids in the leaves prevents LDL cholesterol (i.e., bad cholesterol) in the blood. The presence of phytosterol in the dried leaves helps reduce high blood cholesterol levels thus helping in prevention of heart diseases.

Anti-oxidative property

It washes out harmful toxins from the body and is a rich source of free radical quencher. Curry leaves are packed with antioxidants that protect the body by reducing oxidative stress and scavenging free radicals.

Anthelmintic effects

It is believed that tannins which are the polyphenolic compound found in curry leaves show antihelminth effects. The methanolic extract of curry leaves shows anthelminthic effects against the Indian earthworm.


Curry leaf is a valuable herbal medicine. They are a traditional multipotential plant that has tremendous use in overall well-being. All parts of the plant such as leaves, stems, roots, fruits, and seeds have medicinal properties and are used to cure various ailments. Apart from the aromatic flavor, these leaves have numerous health benefits too. It is difficult to find a curry plant in the majority of houses and many diets have been dependent on the synthetic agent as a taste enhancer against curry leaves. Thus, the importance of these beneficial plants should be emphasized and the bioactive components of curry leaves should be analyzed further and used against the disease that has developed resistance and studies should be carried out.

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