ms kausalya -optometrist in Bangalore

Ms. Kaushlya S

Bachelor's in Optometry, Fellowship in Binocular Vision & Vision Therapy
Aster NeuKIDS
English, Kannada

Kaushlya S is an Optometrist, currently working at the best multi-speciality hospital in Bangalore - Aster CMI Hospital. She has pursued her Bachelor's in Optometry from SRM Medical College, Kattankulathur and her Fellowship in Binocular Vision & Vision Therapy from Sankara Eye Hospital, Bangalore. She is proficient in the Vision Therapy management of Children with Cortical Visual Impairment, Squint, Amblyopia, Development delay, Autism Spectrum Disorder, cerebral palsy, Post traumatic brain injury, and other vision related problems that impede child's academic or sports performance.

Conferences attended

  • NethraUtsav 2018 at SRM Medical College
  • World Optometry Day 2018 at RIO-GOH
  • OPTINT 2018
  • NethraUtsav 2019 at SRM Medical College
  • V-OPTO 2020 – International E – Conference

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