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Dr. Mouryabha Shale

Dr. Mouryabha Shale

Consultant - Dermatology

Kannada, English, Hindi, Telegu

Dr. Mourya Bha Shale is an experienced medical professional who has dedicated a significant portion of their career to teaching and clinical practice in NMC (National Medical College) recognized Medical Colleges. With a career spanning six years in these prestigious institutions, Dr. Mourya has contributed substantially to medical education and patient care.

During their tenure as a Senior Resident, Dr. Mourya played a crucial role in the clinical training and guidance of medical students and junior doctors. Their expertise and knowledge were instrumental in shaping the future generation of healthcare professionals.

In addition to their role as a Senior Resident, Dr. Mourya also served as an Assistant Professor, further solidifying their commitment to medical education. In this capacity, they not only continued to provide clinical care but also actively engaged in teaching and mentoring medical students. Their academic contributions have undoubtedly enriched the educational experience of countless aspiring doctors.

Dr. Mourya Bha Shale's six years of service in NMC-recognized Medical Colleges reflect a dedication to both clinical excellence and medical education. Their multifaceted role as a clinician, mentor, and educator has undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the medical community and the future of healthcare.

Area of expertise
  • Dermato Surgery
Awards and recognitions
  • Dermatology Surgery fellowship in St John's Medical College.

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