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Dr. Biju Sunny - Psychiatry

Dr. Biju Sunny

Senior Consultant & Head - Behavioural Medicine

MD (Psychiatry)
English, Malayalam

Dr. Biju Sunny did his MBBS from St. Johns National Academy of Health Sciences, Bengaluru, and MD from NIMHANS in 2002. He has worked as lecturer in Psychiatry CMC Vellore and subsequently 3 years in NIMHANS. He has been with the best psychiatry hospital in Calicut - Aster MIMS since 2006. His interests are mood anomalies, obsessive compulsive spectrum (OCD, Tic disorder, Impulse dyscontrol disorder) and developmental disorder, especially their implication in various stages of growth to adulthood. He has received certificates of participation in the World Health Organisation surveys for updation of classification of mental health disorders


International and National Publications

International Publications

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    Anesthesia during electroconvulsive therapy importance of dosage 
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  5. Double-blind randomized controlled study comparing short-term efficacy of bifrontal and bitemporal electroconvulsive therapy in acute mania-October 2008-bipolar disorder 10(6) 701-7.

National Publications

  1. Comparison of two doses of thiopental and propofol for anesthesia during ECP -    
    January 2006 Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine.
  2. Co morbid psychiatric disorders in pervasive developmental disorders. 
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