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Dr. Dhanya S M

Dr. Dhanya S M

Senior Specialist - Visiting (Paediatric Endocrinologist)

MBBS, MD Pediatrics, Fellowship in Pediatric Endocrinology
English, Malayalam, Hindi, Kannada

Dr. Dhanya Soodhana Mohan is a Pediatric Endocrinologist who has done her fellowship in Pediatric and Adolescent Endocrinology from IGICH, Bangalore which is one of the largest Pediatric referral centres in Karnataka. Her training involved exposure to  a wide spectrum of Pediatric endocrine disorders.

Dr. Dhanya has completed her MBBS from Kasturba Medical College (2014) and secured a gold medal in MD Pediatrics from Government Medical College, Rajkot (2018) and her fellowship in Pediatric Endocrinology from IGICH, where she was the topper of her batch.

Prior to her joining Aster hospitals, she has worked as Registrar at Apollo Cradle Hospitals, Bangalore and as a Senior Resident in Pediatrics, at Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health.

She is passionate about her field and ensures that she is updated with the latest advances in the field.

Area of expertise
  • Paediatric diabetes
  • Disorders of growth- short stature
  • Early & Delayed puberty, PCOS in adolescents
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Obesity
  • Calcium & Bone disorders in children • Disorders of sex differentiation (DSD)- ambiguous genitalia
  • Endocrine emergencies- DRA, Hypoglycemia, Hypocalcemia
  • Endocrine oncology- endocrine management of craniopharyngioma, thyroid & adrenal tumours.
  • Trained in Advanced Neonatal Resuscitation- NRP certificate holder
  • Trained in both BLS and PALS- IAP certificate course
Awards and recognitions

Prestigious Ratan Tata Scholarship in 2010- based on academic performance in first year of MBBS

MD Pediatrics- Gold medalist

Awarded with the Short-Term Sponsorship (STS) from the Indian Council of Medical Research for the study titled “Assessment of cultural beliefs and practices during the postnatal period in a coastal town of South India- a mixed method research study”


Paper Published:

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