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Dr. Sreeja P S - Fetal Medicine

Dr. Sreeja P S

Consultant (Visiting) - Fetal Medicine

MBBS, DGO, MS & DNB (OBG), FMF - UK Certified

Dr. Sreeja P S, Joined as a Consultant (Visiting) in Fetal Medicine at Aster MIMS, Calicut. She completed her MBBS from Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode, DGO from Govt. Medical College, Trivandrum and She did her MS OBG & DNB OBG from Thrissur Govt. Medical College. 

Dr. Sreeja P S also have Fetal Medicine Licensing and certification from Fetal Medicine Foundation, Uinted Kingdom. Doctor is also member of ISUOG (Society of Fetal Medicine India). She is having 8 years imaging experience in the field. Special interest in fetal cardiology and fetal growth abnormalities


Area of expertise
  • Fetal EchoCardiography
  • Fetal Growth Abnormalities
Awards and recognitions
  • International ultrasound image competition - Israel 2020
  • All Kerala OBG quiz winner


  • Title: "Retrograde flow in aortic isthmus - Trigger to deliver   growth restricted fetuses between 30-34 weeks of gestation?" Author(s): Bansode, Shalaka; Balakrishnan, Bijoy;  Batra, Meenu; P.S, Sreeja; N.Patil, Swapneel;  Gopinathan, K.K, Manuscript ID: BJOG-20-0339.
  • "Prenatal Diagnosis of Isolated Redundant Foramen Ovale- A case report", Full author list: Shyama Devadasan, M.S. (OBG); Meenu Batra, DMRD; Bijoy Balakrishnan, M.S. (OBG); Sreeja P.S., M.S., DNB (OBG); Swapneel N. Patil, DNB (OBG); Gopinathan K.K., M.D. (OBG).

  • "A case of Dichorionic twin pregnancy with maternal Propylthiouracil induced hypothyroid goiter in both fetuses treated with intramniotic Levothyroxine", Full author list: Bijoy Balakrishnan, MBBS MS (OBG); Seneesh Kumar Vikraman, M.D. , DNB (OBGY ); Meenu Batra, MBBS DMRD; Sreeja PS, MBBS MS (OBG) DNB; Swapneel Neelkanth Patil, MBBS DNB (OBG); Gopinathan Kannoly, MBBS MD (OBG).

  • Journal:  European Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology and Reproductive Biology
    Corresponding Author:  Seneesh Vikraman, Co-Authors:  Vipin Chandra, MBBS DGO; Bijoy  Balakrishnan, MBBS MS (Obstetrics and gynecology); Meenu  Batra, MBBS DMRD; Sreeja Payattuparambil, MBBS MS (Obstetrics and gynecology) DGO; Swapneel Neelkanth Patil, MBBS DNB (Obstetrics and gynecology) DFP; Sabila Nair, MBBS DGO DNB (Obstetrics and gynecology) DFP; Gopinathan Kannoly, MBBS MD DGO
    Title:  Impact of antepartum diagnostic amnioinfusion on targeted ultrasound imaging of pregnancies with severe oligo- and anhydramnios; an analysis of 61 cases.

  • "A prospective evaluation of the incidence and significance of fetal aberrant right subclavian artery in a non referral Indian population, and comparison with other second trimester ultrasound markers in the context of Down syndrome screening", Full author list: Seneesh Kumar Vikraman, M.D. , DNB (OBGY ); Vipin Chandra, DGO; Bijoy Balakrishnan, M.S.; Meenu Batra, DMRD; Sreeja Sethumadhavan Payattuparambil, M.S., DGO, DNB; Swapneel Nilkanth Patil, DNB; Gopinathan Karunakaran Kannoly, M.D., DGO

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