best general physician in kannur

Dr. M Haneef

Senior Consultant
Malayalam, English

Specialized in primary care, wellness, prevention and looking after patients suffering from chronic medical condition, Dr. Haneef M plays a crucial role in diagnosing and treating patients at Aster MIMS, Kannur.

He works in a liaison with other doctors to ensure the patient receive timely & quality care and treatment.

Dr. Haneef has a very astute sense of observation, which helps him in finding relief to his patients, enabling them to find a permanent solution to their medical problems.

Awards and recognitions
  • Dr. Haneef has authored several works and they have been published in medical journals and magazines:
  • The effect of on call/out of hours physical therapy in acute exacerbation of COPD: a randomized controlled trial.
  • Meliodosis published in Kerala medical journal in 2011
  • Study on the risk factors among patients with acute coronary syndrome in rural Kerala
  • Work on Ophtotxemia based on his experience from North Kerala published in Kerala medical journal in 2011
  • Work on Bacteraemia, E. Coli Pneumonia published in KMJ in 2008.

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