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Dr Bharath Cardiologist

Dr. Bharath Siddarth Chigurupati

Consultant - CTVS

MBBS, MS(General Surgery) PGIMER Chandigarh, Mch CTVS (AIIMS, NEW DELHI)
Cardiac Surgery
English, Hindi, Telugu

Dr. Bharat SiddHarth Chigurupati is a consultant Cardiac Surgeon in Aster Ramesh Hospitals. He has 7 years of experience as Consultant Cardiac Surgeon in all Simple and Complex congenital surgeries (neonate and pediatric), Adult cardiac surgery including CABG on pump and off-pump, valve repairs and replacements.

Area of expertise
  • ASD Repair
  • PAPVC repair
  • TAPVC repair
  • PDA ligation
  • COA repair
  • TOF/DORV-Intracardiac Repair
  • ALCAPA repair
  • D-TGA surgery -ASO(Arterial Switch Operation)
  • DCRV repair
  • SAM Resection
  • Single ventricle physiology Surgeries (BD Glenn,Fontan procedure)
  • Preterm PDA ligation
  • Palliative procedures-shunts, PA band.
Awards and recognitions
  • Oral Presentation IACTSCON 2016-Aortopulmonary Window Results Of Repair Beyond Infancy.
  • Oral Presentation IACTSCON-2019 AATS Award Presentation Results Of Hemitruncus Surgery-15 Year Results And Follow Up.


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