Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Center

The Department of Epileptology at Aster RV Hospitals in Bengaluru aims at facilitating and expanding epilepsy care with a comprehensive care approach backed by sound academic and technological foundations.

Why Choose Aster Bengaluru's Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Center?
We have a specialized program for the assessment, medical and surgical treatment of epilepsy in both children and adults. Our comprehensive pre-surgical evaluation is available for patients whose seizures cannot be managed fully with anti-epileptic medications.

Our Mission:
One million Indians have medically refractory seizures.
Approximately 5 -6 lakh people are candidates for epilepsy surgery in India.
Still... Just about 500-600 epilepsy surgeries per year are performed.
We aim to bridge this gap and believe that every person with epilepsy deserves comprehensive and individualized care.
Our goal is to help our patients achieve seizure freedom without side effects, lead healthy and independent lives.

We boast of a certified epileptologist trained in both adult and pediatric epilepsy, guiding a multi-disciplinary team to address the complex needs of adults and children with epilepsy.

Our team of dedicated healthcare specialists and support staff participate in the evaluation and treatment of our epilepsy patients who come here from across the country and around the world.

Epileptologist, pediatric and adult neurologists; neurosurgeons; neuroradiologists; nuclear medicine physicians; nurse specialists; pharmacists; physical, occupational and speech therapists; dietitians; neuropsychologists; educational counselors and social workers; and a team of scientists and technologists all work together to provide personalized medical care to adults and children. Consult the Best Epilepsy Specialists in Bangalore at Aster RV Hospital.

Facilities Available:
Our Comprehensive Epilepsy Care Center is equipped with state-of-the-art video EEG monitors used for both pre-surgical evaluation and syndromic classification of the epilepsy subtypes. Round the clock neurotechnologies, nursing, and medical support are provided to the patients admitted for long-term and short-term video EEG monitoring.

Patients are offered 3T MRI as part of their evaluation. Advanced neuroimaging modalities are conducted in selected patients such as functional MRI (fMRI), EEG-fMRI co-registration, diffusion-tensor Imaging (DTI), volumetric MRI, T2 relaxometry, ASL, etc.

Weekly patient management conferences are conducted by the team aimed at problem-solving and surgical selection of patients with refractory epilepsy who have undergone pre-surgical evaluation. Other additional facilities available, which aid in the diagnosis and management of patients with epilepsy include invasive monitoring with intracranial EEG.

Aster RV Hospital, JP Nagar is the one among the hospitals in the private sector to have an intraoperative MRI facility in the state of Karnataka. Intraoperative MRI helps in the safe resection of the epileptogenic lesion. In addition, facilities such as intraoperative neuromonitoring systems, neuronavigation systems, and other technology that facilitate neurosurgeons to perform extremely safe surgery to patients, reducing morbidity and mortality to a great extent.

Services offered:
New-Onset Seizure Clinic
Complex Epilepsy Clinic
Epilepsy Surgery
PNES Clinic
Ketogenic Diet

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