Mrs.Hema Manjunath from Bangalore underwent Uterine Fibroid treatment under the supervision of best obstetrician in Bangalore - Dr Bharati Kamoji at Aster CMI Hospitals, Hebbal Bangalore. I am Hema and I was suffering from Uterine Fibroid. Every month I had pain during my period which made me very uneasy. We decided to go for a hysterectomy. I searched for a good Gynaecologist online and I found Dr Bharati Kamoji. SO, I thought I would give a try and went with my husband. Dr Bharati made me very comfortable and explained to me about Total laparoscopic hysterectomy. On February 2nd I was admitted for surgery and by 3rd February post-surgery, I was able to do routine work. I started my routine work and I am doing fine. All thanks to Dr Bharati who is an expert in her field and very good soul. Aster CMI Hospital is the best multi speciality hospital in Bangalore , it is very clean, the staff here are cooperative and Thanks to everyone for making my life easy.

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