Mrs Mayura B R underwent treatment for lung cancer under the supervision of the best medical oncologist in Bangalore - Dr Vijay Agarwal at Aster CMI Hospital. Mrs Mayura's husband says we were confused about where to go for treatment and vaccine due to lockdown. The radiology treatment was supposed to be given for her hip joints and it was a critical time for us. The team of doctors of Aster CMI - Dr Vijay Agarwal, Dr Karthik, Dr Akshay, and Dr Deepak are all excellent and well-coordinated. The whole Aster CMI hospital is highly proactive to tackle corona situations and treat patients with the utmost care. The Radiology department here is excellent and we got it on time for over 7 days which went very well. The treatment given is excellent and I am very thankful for the entire team and hospital for their kind cooperation and excellent healthcare services.

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