Bariatric Surgery at Aster CMI Hospital Bangalore for an international patient with Super Obesity. I am Mrs Raja Hamad from Iraq. I had a hip fracture 7 years back. Since I was not able to move around my health was further deteriorated and became obese. Mrs Raja Hamad, 51year old lady came from Iraq says Dr Shivaram H.V - Senior Consultant - GI & Bariatric Surgery. When she came here, she weighed 212Kgs with Body mass index of 90 and a lady who is super obese. She was airlifted from Iraq to India at Aster CMI Hospital for bariatric surgery. I was referred to Aster CMI, Bariatric hospital was successful. I refer people to Aster CMI Hospital. Dr Shivaram says she was suffering from Super obese from last 10 years and her weight had become unmanageable. Our aim was to make sure she will go back healthy. she underwent safe bariatric surgery - Gastric bypass. Under the able guidance of specialists at Aster CMI Hospital. I refer anyone to the best hospital in Bangalore - Aster CMI Hospital. The hospitality and service was excellent says, Mrs Raja Hamad She was able to get off the bed after surgery because her pain was managed by our pain management team and anaesthetists. She was comfortable to get out of bed, walk and take care of herself. Now she is ready to go home happy and healthy, says Dr Shivaram of Aster CMI Hospital.

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