Mrs. Sindhu, mother of a beautiful baby girl shares her experience at Aster CMI Hospital. She delivered a premature baby on the 24th week of her pregnancy. Hi, I am Mrs Sindhu, mother of a baby girl. She is a preterm baby who was born in the 24th week of my pregnancy in Hassan. Since the hospital did not have enough incubators to keep the baby we contacted our family paediatrician, who referred us to Aster CMI Hospital in Bangalore. At Aster CMI, we met Dr Sudheer K A - Neonatal Specialist in Bangalore. We brought both my two babies and unfortunately one could not survive. One baby is surviving and fighting hard for me and my family. When my baby was born, She was weighing 610 grams and now the baby has gained weight to 2Kg. I am really happy about it. Dr Sudheer took good care of my baby. He was very kind, professional and dedicated. NICU staffs are awesome guys who supported me emotionally and my baby during my absence. I would like to thank NICU mates and Aster CMI for supporting my baby. Thanks to Aster CMI Hospital.

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