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Ms.Wendy from Africa who travelled to Bangalore, India to undergo minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS) at Aster CMI hospital. Hear what she has to say about her surgery and experience at Aster Hospital. Hello everybody, My name is Wendy from Africa. In 2014., I suddenly had back pain. At first, I started to ignore it but eventually, I consulted a doctor in my country and explained my pain. He gave me medications and I started taking for 2 weeks. But still, I was not feeling okay. So, I went back to the doctor who suggested that I have an MRI scan. MRI reviewed that I had to undergo surgery as I had a problem with my back. After 6 months, from the first surgery, I had the doctor said they needed to put screws and plates for my support. I felt a bit better for a short time and again a few months down the line I experienced lower back pain. Since 2014, I was home and I had lost social life and could not do any work. Then, I was put on Morphine because the pain after 5th surgery became bad. But I reacted to morphine and used to vomit so they continued to give me strong pain medications to help me sleep at night. The international desk of Aster hospital had come to Zambia and coincidentally they got to know about my insurance company from where they got to know there was an international patient (me) who needed treatment abroad. I travelled here with severe pain, and by the time I was coming, I had pain medication and was tired of it. Eventually, I came to Aster CMI Hospital and within in a week I was able to relieve myself of pain slightly. I underwent surgery at Aster CMI Hospital, headed by Dr Umesh - Best spine surgeon in Bangalore, and his team. Successfully they put the battery inside me. They had planned surgery on my bladder as well but I thank god after stimulation of my spine and the procedure performed by Dr Umesh and his team did. I am so grateful for Aster CMI Hospital because when I came here I did not think I would go back without a catheter. I thank everybody at Aster CMI as they treated me well and I know I will be able to do all the work which I was not able to do earlier. I am so happy and better than the way I came here. Aster CMI is a great hospital, the surgical team and doctors have treated me friendly and it's been 2 months since I came here, feels like home. I am so grateful to everybody, the nurses, doctors and the services provided are excellent.

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