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A two-year-old Pakistani baby, who was judged by doctors to have little chance of survival wherever he is taken in the world, is given a new life at Aster MIMS. A two-year-old boy from Pakistan, suffering from a rare and severe blood-borne disease called Severe Combined Immunodeficiency, was brought back to life after a rare bone marrow transplant at Aster MIMS, Kozhikode. After unsuccessfully seeking treatment including in the UAE, they came to Kerala and the baby underwent a bone marrow transplant at Aster Mims in Kozhikode. With the support of Union Minister of State for External Affairs V Muraleedharan, travel and medical matters have been helped to speed up. This is the 75th bone marrow transplant performed at Aster Mims, Kozhikode in two years.

Saif Jalal, the son of Jalal-Saduri, a native of Pakistan’s Balochistan, underwent a bone marrow transplant. After the diagnosis of the disease, he moved to the UAE where his father works for better treatment and continued treatment. Although he underwent treatments including chemotherapy, the baby’s condition worsened. The baby, whose immune system was completely destroyed, was plagued by constant infections. As the infection worsened, including in the lungs, the oxygen level became very poor. The common fate of these infected babies is to die within two to three years unless the most definitive treatment is available. Saif Jalal’s situation was similar.

It was in this situation that Jalal and Saduri came to Kerala after hearing about the treatment at Aster Mims from the people who got their lives back after undergoing treatment here. Saif Jalal reached Kerala with oxygen support. The situation was very serious. Senior pediatric hematologist Dr. Kesavan arrived. The mother’s marrow is compatible with the baby. After other health problems were overcome with constant care, the baby underwent a bone marrow transplant. Now after two months, Saif Jalal is back to life after overcoming respiratory problems and low oxygen levels. Saif Jalal’s family is now preparing to go back to Pakistan and meet his relatives.

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