Diabetic people are prone to developing Nephropathy. Mr Vikram had been suffering from IgA Nephropathy from last 14 years. In January’18 the condition of Mr. Vikram deteriorated and after the thorough evaluation was recommended to undergo a kidney transplant by Dr. Sudhakar - best Kidney specialist in Hyderabad. The donor was a compatible match for Mr. Vikram. After proper evaluation, tests & legal documentation, the patient was admitted to the hospital 2 days before the surgery. The procedure was performed by Dr. B Sudhakar along with four other doctors from Aster Prime hospital. The transplant was successful and Mr. Vikram was back to his normal life. Mr. Vikram praised the doctors and staff of the best multi speciality hospital in Hyderabad - Aster Prime who gifted him a second inning of his life.

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