BodySculpting: Keeping Those Curves Alive

Posted on : Sep 30, 2021


Nowadays, Plastic Surgery is not considered a hush-hush anymore. Celebrities have become role models for many in our society today. So what’s wrong!!! Many men and women are unhappy with what they see looking back at them in the mirror. Some would be comfortable in their skin, but many feel the need the alter their body image to fit into the society and boost their self confidence.

It can get very frustrating after putting hours in the gym with endless diet regimens when you still do not see the results you want. As we grow older, our metabolism reduces making it difficult to maintain muscle tone, our skin’s natural elasticity starts to give up on us and weight loss gets tough.

The thing to keep in mind is that no form of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery should be considered a replacement for proper diet and exercise. I stress the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and keeping your fitness routine going……However, with those having busy work schedules and for whom all the effort is going in vain, you must know that there are some surgical options to improve your body shape.

Liposuction today is one of the most popular procedures worldwide, including India. It is one of the fastest and convenient ways to get rid of excessive fat. This procedure has evolved over the decades, making it easy to get in shape fast. Liposuction is an extremely effective way of removing that “stubborn fat” and those unwanted bulges refusing to go away with all that gym and exercise, thus bringing back those curves. Please, remember….this is Not a Weight Loss Procedure!!!!

There are many Non-Surgical Lasers available in commercial cosmetic/beauty centres which claim to “shed” those inches fast, but they are temporary and very expensive, needing multiple sessions. Lasers are a good temporary option, but the fat will eventually crawl back again in a few months. Liposuction, however, is more permanent and long-lasting.

Liposuction can be performed at multiple areas of the body at one time, but with some restrictions. If small areas need fat removal, Liposuction is nowadays done under Local anesthesia or maybe just under sedation making it a ‘Walk-In” “Walk-Out” Day procedure. The procedure varies from person to person, depending on how much fat there is, and where on the body it’s being performed. Recovery can range from just a few days to weeks. You’ll have to wear a compression garment for some time after your surgery. People with busy schedules get back to work in a week.

I believe a positive mind, helps the body to recover faster…..

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