Breathing New Life: Navigating Lung Transplants at Aster CMI Hospital

by Dr. Sunil Kumar K


Embark on a journey of discovery as Dr. Sunil Kumar K, a lead and senior consultant interventional pulmonologist at Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore, guides us through the transformative world of lung transplants in India. Dr. Sunil will navigate the options available for adults with advanced lung diseases, unraveling the technicalities and success rates involved.

Conditions Benefiting from Lung Transplants:

Identifying conditions that can significantly benefit from lung transplants, including interstitial lung disease, chronic tissue disorders, bronchiectasis, pulmonary hypertension, and severe COPD, we explore how this procedure transforms lives affected by compromised oxygenation and quality of life.

Understanding the Transplant Window:

Navigate the concept of the "transplant window," emphasizing the crucial timeframe where patients with rapid disease progression, increased oxygen dependency, and recurrent hospitalization qualify for a lung transplant. This intervention addresses these issues meaningfully.

Structured Transplant Program and Legal Framework:

Addressing concerns from the medical fraternity, Dr. Sunil sheds light on the structured transplant program facilitated by government bodies, from NOTO (National Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization) in New Delhi to regional and state-wise divisions like Jeeva Sarthakate in Karnataka. We explore the legal cover and hand-holding processes ensuring ethical practices and public awareness.

Evaluation Process and Multidisciplinary Approach:

Guiding us through the evaluation process, Dr. Sunil emphasizes understanding the pros and cons of transplantation. The discussion includes the multidisciplinary approach at Aster CMI, involving surgeons, intensivists, anesthetists, infectious disease specialists, dieticians, physiotherapists, and psychologists. Each plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of the transplant journey.

Complexity of Transplant Surgery:

Understanding the complexity of lung transplant surgery, we detail intricate procedures, including anastomosis and the use of bypass or central ECMO. Post-surgery care in the ICU, monitoring hemodynamics, immunosuppression initiation, and infection control are addressed. The comprehensive team at Aster CMI, ranging from surgeons to psychologists, collaborates seamlessly to optimize the donor-recipient match and ensure success.


With pride, Aster CMI Hospital announces its provision of comprehensive and complex lung transplant care in Karnataka. Join us on this journey of understanding the transformative impact of lung transplants.