Inflammatory Bowel Disease

by Dr. Naresh Bhat

Posted on : Jun 21, 2022


The world recognizes IBD or Inflammatory Bowel Disease Day on 19th May every year. On this occassion our expert team of Medical Gastroenterologists at Aster CMI Hospital, Bangalore talks about IBD. Watch the full video to understand what is IBD, its symptoms, diet to follow, goals for treatment in IBD, IBD in childrens, disease remission in IBD and the role of surgery.

Our Medical Gastroenterologists

  1. Dr. Naresh Bhat (Chief of Gastroenterology)
  2. Dr. Raghu B M (Consultant - Gastroenterology)
  3. Dr. Kayal Vizhi N (Consultant - Medical Gastroenterology)
  4. Dr. Anupama N (Consultant - Medical Gastroenterology)
  5. Dr. Amit Y (Consultant - Medical Gastroenterology)
  6. Dr. Vinay Bhat (Conultant Surgical Gastroenterology & GI Oncology)