Lifestyle Factors and IVF: Optimizing Your Chances of Success

by Dr. Prakrutha S

Healthy Lifestyle Tips to Maximise IVF Success

For many couples, infertility can make it difficult to conceive a child. Infertility occurs when a couple is unable to conceive after 12 months of unprotected sexual intercourse. This concern impacts both men and women equally. As per WHO, around 17.5% of the adult population – roughly 1 in 6 worldwide – experience infertility.1

What is In Vitro Fertilization

IVF or better known as In vitro fertilization is one of the most popular ways to help achieve pregnancy. During IVF, the eggs and sperm are collected from the respective partners and fertilised in a lab. The eggs or sperm can come from the expecting parents or a donor. The fertilised egg is then transferred back to the uterus to achieve pregnancy. The IVF process lasts for almost 3 weeks and is one of the most beneficial ways of assisted conception.

However, IVF is an expensive procedure that also takes a toll on the couple’s emotional health. Sometimes, a couple of IVF cycles may be required to achieve a successful pregnancy. Several health and lifestyle factors can impact your ability to conceive in the first cycle of IVF. Here, we take a look at healthy lifestyle factors that can best prepare you for IVF success.

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Lifestyle Factors to Maximise IVF Success

1. Focus on Nutrition

Before you begin the IVF process, start nurturing your body with the right food. This does not mean making drastic changes or switching to any fad diet. Instead, eat smaller meals at regular intervals. Opt for nutritious food such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains (buckwheat, quinoa), lean proteins (fish, legumes) and healthy fats (olive oil, nuts). Reduce consumption of processed and fatty foods with high salt and sugar.

2. Set a Sleep Schedule

Staying up late at night regularly can cause a lot more than dark circles under the eyes. It can disrupt your hormones, reduce energy levels, and even be a risk factor for infertility. Try and set a sleep schedule to get at least 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.

3. Monitor Your Weight

Excess fat, especially around the abdomen, can make the IVF process difficult. Not only does this increase the risk of infertility, but it can also make it difficult for your doctor to retrieve the eggs in women and impacts sperm quality in men. Before starting your IVF treatment, target reaching a healthy weight through a healthy diet and moderate exercise. Under Dr. Prakrutha’s expert team which includes a nutritionist and a counsellor, you can be guided on the right way to be fit and prepare your body for IVF.

4. Reduce Stress

Not being able to conceive naturally can lead to a lot of emotional stress on the couple. Added to this, the financial and medical requirements of IVF can worsen the stress. However, for successful conception, reducing stress is critical. This can be done through different ways such as therapy, meditation, stress-relief programs, and more.

5. Boost Egg and Sperm Health

Along with these lifestyle habits, men and women need to look at optimising their hormonal health to improve their chances of success at IVF. For instance, certain deficiencies in vitamins can impact fertility and hamper the success of IVF. Talk to our doctor about any necessary supplementation. Additionally, men may also benefit by shifting to boxers and to boost sperm health and quantity.

6. Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Two of the biggest disruptors of fertility are smoking and alcohol. Stopping this habit entirely is essential to maximise your chances of success. You may also be advised to eliminate smoking and alcohol during the course of your IVF treatment.

7. Stick to Light Exercises

Avoid high-intensity exercises at this time. However, it is important to keep moving and stay active. Most women tend to leave exercises completely due to fear. Light exercises such as walking, jogging, and certain forms of yoga can keep your body healthy for conception. Talk to our doctor about suitable exercises for this period.


The IVF process can be challenging but with the right care and lifestyle habits, you can maximise your chances of having a successful pregnancy through IVF. Talk to Dr. Prakrutha S, at the best IVF centre in Bangalore, Aster CMI for the support and guidance during this time.