Unveiling the Hidden Threat of Diabetes

by Dr. Mahesh D M

Posted on : Nov 23, 2023


Understanding Diabetes Risk Factors

Meet Dr. Mahesh DM, the amiable endocrinologist at Aster CMI Hospital, Hebbal. Today, he delves into the intricacies of understanding the risk for type 2 diabetes. November takes center stage as the month dedicated to diabetes awareness, culminating on the 14th with World Diabetes Day, coinciding with the birthday of insulin's discoverer, the eminent Dr. Frederick Banting.

This year, the theme is "know your risk and know your response." Dr. Mahesh DM has orchestrated a straightforward risk test, accessible online and disseminated across the hospital and digital platforms. The objective is crystal clear – empower individuals to comprehend their diabetes risk, take control, and thwart diabetes in its tracks.

Certain risk factors are unalterable, such as age and sex. If one surpasses 35-40, the spotlight intensifies, with men carrying a higher risk compared to women. Ladies who experienced gestational diabetes during pregnancy face an escalated risk, particularly in the 5-10 years post-delivery.

Dr. Mahesh DM highlights the importance of waistlines; measurements exceeding 80 cm for ladies or 90 cm for gentlemen place individuals in the diabetes danger zone. Family history proves influential – the presence of diabetic relatives heightens the odds. Elevated blood pressure, irregular cholesterol levels, and troublesome triglycerides further contribute to the risk.

The narrative gets personal as Dr. Mahesh DM addresses weight concerns. Carrying excess weight escalates the risk, with an interesting twist – Asians receive the diabetes risk memo at a lower weight compared to their Caucasian counterparts.

Understanding these risk factors is akin to possessing keys to a healthier self. It extends beyond diabetes, with Dr. Mahesh DM and the team at Aster CMI Hospital offering comprehensive support for all endocrine-related matters. From diabetes and thyroid issues to managing obesity – they are the go-to squad.

Individuals are invited to engage in conversations, grasp the nuances of diabetes management and prevention, and address all endocrine concerns. Dr. Mahesh DM encourages collaboration to combat diabetes and ensure a future where health stands as the ultimate wealth.