Diabetes- What We Should Know?

Posted on : Nov 14, 2017


This topic is very relevant the number of women with diabetes is increasing across world. Besides, women in many countries don’t get equal care as that of men, which makes matters worse. This year’s focus is on improving awareness among women on diabetes and its after-effects, and also providing them guidelines to lead a healthy life.

The incidence and prevalence of diabetes all over the world is increasing, especially in In India. Kerala is the diabetes capital of India, with prevalence of diabetes as high as 17-20%, which is double the national average. It is also worrying that average age of diabetics has decreased and there is a steep increase in diabetes among adolescents and young adults.

The most important step in prevention of diabetes is creating awareness among people, especially in school going children and the youth. Unhealthy eating habits and bad/ sedentary lifestyle need to change. Adults who are overweight/ at risk for diabetes should say no to high-calorie food, reduce the portion/ quantity and refrain from eating in between meal times. Exercise is also very important in prevention of diabetes, which means each step we walk in a day will help in preventing diabetes. All of us need to ensure that we our get bodies the physical activity it requires on a daily basis. Children who are overweight should exercise for at least an hour a day; it is good to engage them in sports or outdoor play. Adults with risk of diabetes risk should get at least 150 min of moderate-intensity exercise per week and also avoid sedentary lifestyle. Losing a minimum of 5% of one’s body weight can help prevent diabetes.

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