Head Start - Paediatric Brain Tumor Initiative - Stepping In With A Helping Hand.

by Dr. Dilip Panikar

Head Start, a paediatric brain tumour initiative introduced by Aster Medcity to ensure that every child diagnosed with a brain tumour is gifted with the best chance at life. The initiative aims to advance medical interventions for pediatric brain tumours, providing assistance programmes to the disadvantaged, transforming how affected patients & families are cared for, and creating an ecosystem for different stakeholders to participate in different capacities.

We plan to build outstanding clinical expertise with teamwork and technology support, contributing to a comprehensive care model.

 • Provide comprehensive multidisciplinary management and follow up of children with brain tumor
 • Monitor and support psychological, intellectual development of the child on follow up through the entire treatment process
 • Increase early detection by spreading awareness in primary care physicians, pediatricians and the community
 • Further clinical excellence by collaboration with dedicated centers and research 
• To help arrange financial assistance in specially deserving cases
If you would like to be a part of our vision, and bring positive change in the lives of children who suffer from brain tumors we’d love to talk